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Louie in a nutshell

🐾If you didn't know, Louie is a stray dog that I have been working on gaining trust. I like to believe he lives here, he's my dog, he's loved and worried about when he doesn't show back up for hours or on time for meal.

But Louie has some trust issues. I don't know what his past looks like, I know stories I've heard through the neighborhood.

I know he doesn't like to feel trapped, he doesn't come on the back porch because it's framed with a railing. He doesn't like cats, although he doesn't intentionally go after them (only when they're trying to take his food).

He's worried about other dogs, being accepted. He doesn't bark unless you irritate him (I mean I only had the ONE cheeseburger). He's become pretty vocal the last week or so.

I also know he knows who I am, what car I drive and that I'm the annoying hooman who lives in this house that won't leave him alone. I know he knows we don't use the front door, where he hangs out. He knows that when people come to the front door, they don't belong. He's begun to bark at these people. "Who are you? What do you want? They don't answer that door!".

Over the past year I have loved this little guy. One day I hope to pet him and give him kisses for all that he's shared with me.

Louie is just like any other pups who owns hoomans.

That's right, just because he walks the streets and sleeps under a bush or on a hard cold concrete porch makes his dreams of one day being an ambulance or fire truck no different than the pups who lives in a house and has a comfy bed.🐾

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