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A flashback to 2019

Since today is National Dog Day, I feel it's time to share this pups.

🐾 This little guy (or so I believe is a guy) has taken up residents on my porch. Since April I have been trying to earn his trust and each day with a little persistence I see hope. His fur is dirty and matted, his tail is 99.9% tucked under and his eyes tell me a story of sadness. I have named him (or her) Louie.

🐾 He roams the streets looking for something and he's survived this long alone or with his fellow pack that has yet to be seen. He knows he has food, water and a roof to shade him from the sun and rain here.

🐾 As he sits in the yard or on the porch I see him looking up at the "structure" that I come from and retreat to. Often I wonder if he's dreaming of the day it will be his as well. I will happily offer it to him every time I see him.

🐾 When I left for the weekend I hoped and asked Chris (in spite if his dislike in dogs) to give him water at least. Chris did just that as well as offered the remaining food I had in the house. He got growled at, not an angry growl so to speak, but one of fear. "Who is this person trying to feed me? Where is she?"

🐾 When I returned home, there he was. Resting on the porch. I greeted him, "Hey Louie" and proceeded inside. I received a text from my friend that he was walking towards the side door looking for me. Sure enough there he was, waiting. Without a beat, we continue our daily routine.

🐾 Louie, gave me a small tail wag yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes. Then he moved down the stairs and nicely tucked his tail back against his legs and walked to his food bowl. One day will trust me and I will give him all the love and tail wags that he's missed all this time.

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