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In April 2019, while getting ready to lay down for an afternoon nap, I heard what sounded like a dog whimpering outside my front door.  Thinking maybe the neighbors husky got loose again, I went outside to check it out.
From under my bush comes this adorable brown and white dog.  He was scared to have been heard and started to walk away.  I asked him if he was lost and who his owners were, knowing with his matted fur there most likely wasn't any.  My heart broke for this little guy.

He started coming every day, to eat.  His tail would be up high instead of down.  My neighbor said it was like he was excited to see me waiting for him.  After sitting in the grass, not looking at him but trying to talk to him for days, he eventually let me be close while he ate.  He wouldn't run when I brought him food or water.  He still didn't trust me though.

I decided he needed a name, I would ask him.  Sitting there with him one day, I looked at him and said "Hey Louie".  It was the first name that came in my head.  His ears perked and he looked interested.  Yeah, that seemed to fit him, Louie.

He's found his home here in my yard.  He checks in at least once a day to let me know he's okay if he wonders out.  My immediate neighbors know his story, one actually thought he had an electric fence keeping him in the yard.  He's found friends and playmates in their dogs.  And barks for them to come out.

After chatting with someone from local Animal Control, Louie was progressing well.  He had come a long way from being the timid feral dog that she first encountered.  Now it was just time to wait.

So here we are, waiting.  Doing everything on his terms.  Letting him decide when he's ready.  Ready to be groomed, vetted and even touched.  It's been a year.  He makes progress every day, and every day there are steps backwards.  He's become a free-ranged dog.

I will be so excited for the day he lets me scratch his head and rub his belly. 💚🐾

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